Houses & Apartments For Rent in Zanzibar

Houses & Apartments For Rent in Zanzibar
Houses & Apartments For Rent in Zanzibar

But for Zanzibar’s many residents, the situation has not improved. According to a report by the government’s human rights team, just 13 percent of them live in “hot”, “dense” or “condensed” housing, with around 5 percent who live in some kind of sub-basement or a tiny courtyard being “extremely heat-damaged” or “with no roof or insulation available,” according to the report.

These are some startling statistics, as some of Zanzibar’s most affluent residents live in isolated, low-income, and “severely heat-damaged” housing that is in “dense” condition.

The city also reported that less than 10 percent of Zanzibar’s “hot” and “condensed” housing are available to the public, with only 2 percent being available for rent. The only available “extreme or unmet needs” of the city’s 40,000 residents are to find new housing or to meet urgent needs of their neighbors.

Many of the houses are on their own. As a result Zanzibar’s emergency room is extremely hot and dilapidated, with just over 7 percent of beds being used for primary care, the report said.

“The public facilities for residents like us are so outdated, that it does not make sense for them to access
Houses & Apartments For Rent in Zanzibar

The Zanzibar Housing Authority has signed a lease at a home and apartment complex on the site of a luxury home on the edge of the capital city, for €5,000, a news agency had said on Sunday.

The lease, signed in early October, was first reported by Al Arabiya, without citing any major construction project or official details.

Built in the 1970s in what is mostly rural Muslim land, the apartment complex is the biggest housing complex owned by the Zanzibar government.

It is the third hotel built here by the president’s party and belongs to another president, Anwar Sadat.

Last month, Anwar Sadat appointed Zagreb’s foreign affairs minister, and he has promised to end corruption that has plagued the country for years.

His government has accused Islamic State of stealing funds from the Zanzibar Housing Authority and seeking to defraud the country’s residents and other foreigners.